Encanto’s Successes


Story Summary 

Topping the charts in early 2022, Encanto, a children’s movie, has touched the hearts of all generations. This story takes place in Colombia in the 1950s. A candle has been gifted throughout the Madrigal family, which gives each member a special gift. For example, Luisa can lift anything and Doloris can hear anything. The main character, Mirabel, has been an outcast her whole life because she has not been given a gift. She tries to find the reason why she doesn’t have a gift like the rest of her family. The story shows the normality of family issues but, like any Disney movie, the family rises above. 


Encanto’s Rankings

Encanto is Disney’s first-ever Columbian musical. Hopefully, there will be more to come based on the success of the movie. Encanto’s big hit “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” surpassed Disney Frozen’s “Let it Go” on billboard’s hot 100. With Encanto fourth and Frozen fifth, thanking Lin-Manuel Miranda for the outstanding soundtrack. Encanto also has very beautiful graphics, showing portraits of colorful land and detailed architecture. 


Encanto Inspires Young Children

Encanto is an inspiration to children of color everywhere; it’s telling them that they can do anything they want. There isn’t a lot of POC representation in Disney, or animated children’s movies at all. Sometimes there will be a POC sidekick, but rarely the main focus. What’s even better about Encanto is that the whole cast is Columbian and it shows all types of kids of color, with different hair texture representations. Personally, as a POC, Encanto made me happy to see someone that finally looked like me, with the same hair and skin color as me. I’ve never seen that in a Disney movie before. It led me to recommend it to all of my friends because I wanted them to also see the representation and culture that Encanto brings. The movie’s focus on a dysfunctional family can also inspire children to let them know not every family is “perfect.” Mirabel’s grandmother, Abuela has become so attached to the magical candle that she has pushed her son and granddaughter away. This can inspire plenty of children that are going through family issues or problems and assure them that it happens more often than they might think and that they are not alone.