Schooling. How Schooling Should Change.

Alex D

I interviewed my friend let’s call him J and this is what e talked about.

Question: How do you feel about school?

Answer: He hopes that if he does well in school he’ll amount to something. 


Question: What do you think could change about this school?

Answer:  There wouldn’t be much to change. BUT if he could chang esomething he would change teachers. He wants them to be more understanding of students strengths. The weighting on test should be less because some students get anxious on test so they do poorly but in that class they do well on everything else. 



From this information, We can see students get stressed easy. Tests are a big part of our grades. They shouldn’t be. Classwork/ Homework should be graded more than tests should. It is not fair to the students who stress out about tests and they do bad. Most kids do well in school. Yet when it comes to tests it trips them up and they end up failing which could drop their grade due to how much of our grades tests are worth.  In conclusion, Paperwork should have more affects on our grades than tests.