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  • Sophia & Gavin will perform at Lincoln Sudbury HS at Eastern District Festival March 10-11, 2023
  • Two WHS orchestra members earn spots at MMEA Eastern Junior District Festival
  • Congrats WHS musicians Sophia Rhine, cello & Gavin Armstrong, violin!

2022-2023 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Viktoriia Hryhorchuk Writer See Viktoriia Hryhorchuk’s profile
See Viktoriia Hryhorchuk’s profile
Eniola Kayode Writer See Eniola Kayode’s profile
See Eniola Kayode’s profile
Alyssa Michaud Writer See Alyssa Michaud’s profile
See Alyssa Michaud’s profile
Pablo Zepeda Writer See Pablo Zepeda’s profile
See Pablo Zepeda’s profile
Felicha Nicolas Writer See Felicha Nicolas’s profile
See Felicha Nicolas’s profile
Maggie Ngo Writer See Maggie Ngo’s profile
See Maggie Ngo’s profile
Johanna Moynihan Writer See Johanna Moynihan’s profile
See Johanna Moynihan’s profile
Katie Morales Writer See Katie Morales’s profile
See Katie Morales’s profile
David Molina Writer See David Molina’s profile
See David Molina’s profile
Brian Lopez Corado Writer See Brian Lopez Corado’s profile
See Brian Lopez Corado’s profile
Jordan Kelley Writer See Jordan Kelley’s profile
See Jordan Kelley’s profile
D’Ani Jean Writer See D’Ani Jean’s profile
See D’Ani Jean’s profile
Briana Henderson Writer See Briana Henderson’s profile
See Briana Henderson’s profile
Renee Cormier Writer See Renee Cormier’s profile
See Renee Cormier’s profile
Edward Blyakhman Writer See Edward Blyakhman’s profile
See Edward Blyakhman’s profile
Miyana Bahl Writer See Miyana Bahl’s profile
See Miyana Bahl’s profile
Daniel Pineda Gonzalez Writer See Daniel Pineda Gonzalez’s profile
See Daniel Pineda Gonzalez’s profile
Erik Yegoryan Writer See Erik Yegoryan’s profile
See Erik Yegoryan’s profile
Sebastian Usher Writer See Sebastian Usher’s profile
See Sebastian Usher’s profile
Bruna Souza Writer See Bruna Souza’s profile
See Bruna Souza’s profile
Zoe Rodriguez Writer See Zoe Rodriguez’s profile
See Zoe Rodriguez’s profile
Mileydi Padilla Writer See Mileydi Padilla’s profile
See Mileydi Padilla’s profile
Griffin Nolte Writer See Griffin Nolte’s profile
See Griffin Nolte’s profile
Rachel McIntyre Writer See Rachel McIntyre’s profile
See Rachel McIntyre’s profile
Erin McCarthy Writer See Erin McCarthy’s profile
See Erin McCarthy’s profile
Jack Macmillan Writer See Jack Macmillan’s profile
See Jack Macmillan’s profile
Hanz Louis Writer See Hanz Louis’s profile
See Hanz Louis’s profile
Layla Kulch Writer See Layla Kulch’s profile
See Layla Kulch’s profile
Andrea Arevalo Writer See Andrea Arevalo’s profile
See Andrea Arevalo’s profile
Sophia Alpert Writer See Sophia Alpert’s profile
See Sophia Alpert’s profile
Samantha Adourian Writer See Samantha Adourian’s profile
See Samantha Adourian’s profile
Annalia Torcasio Writer See Annalia Torcasio’s profile
See Annalia Torcasio’s profile
Ava DiMatteo Writer See Ava DiMatteo’s profile
See Ava DiMatteo’s profile
Nina Kremer Writer See Nina Kremer’s profile
See Nina Kremer’s profile
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