Jovia Nakalembe, Creative Writer

TIYADI stands for Talented Independent Young And Diverse Individuals. It is a student-led group at Waltham High School. A co-ed step team at the high school, TIYADI provides rhythm and movement opportunities to students who don’t participate in other school activities, like dance or competitions. This team steps at school shows like Dance Theatre, Stage and Body Night, and pep rallies. They also compete out of school which is really great considering the fact that it’s student-led. 

To get on the team, captains Aliah Johns, Taisha Pierre, Ashley and AJ Jean Phillipe hold auditions where they teach a little bit of the step routine and dance for the students to learn. Based on that, they choose who is suitable for the team. “TIYADI is for everyone who wants to try it, no discrimination,” says Taisha. “Everyone is welcome to try it out- it is fun and an activity that can look good on one’s resume.”