Chocolates and Roses

Chocolates and Roses

Philippa Senoga, Creative Writer


The day of St.Valentine was first celebrated in the year 496 and has since been globally observed by many unless you are in Indonesia, Malaysia or Saudi Arabia, where it isn’t popular.

Elsewhere in the world, regardless of age it’s an opportunity for everyone to show love and affection to those they care about and what is a celebration without food?

Although one is left wondering what folks enjoyed eating back in 496?


In our contemporary world, whether you choose a traditional home cooked dinner or dine out, the options are endless but since your stomach can only take as much.

Let’s  explore a few foods that are traditionally enjoyed on this day in the US.


Valentine’s day treats vary from scrumptious steaks,gooey chocolate, to mouth-watering dishes usually tipped with Champagne,wine or a drink of your choice.


For starters and treats,Chocolates that comes in milk, dark or the white kind,popular chocolate brands include Cadbury, Nestle,M&Ms Toblerone, Lindt or Hersheys the list is endless,most brands do a seasonal branding, changing their packaging to red and pink colored heart items, lining up special isles, chocolate is indeed a favorite on this day,not only delicious but also contains Tryptophan, a chemical that brings feelings of happiness and who doesn’t want to make their loved ones happy.

On the salty and savory side of the menu,people enjoy a variety of steaks from veal, mutton and pork

Some people opting for seafood popularly fish, shrimp, lobster and crab

Popular sides are rice or mashed potatoes with salad especially asparagus and often a cake or ice cream for dessert.


The setting of the meal is important to exude the mood of love and romance,the key is hearts,roses,scented candles,teddy or dim lights and creative decoration that turns an ordinary meal into an ambiance of love and affection.