Philippa Senoga, Creative Writer

“Christmas calories don’t count” so they say to justify the indulgence in whatever food we can lay our hands on during the holiday season. Oftentimes no one can resist the temptation to feast on various treats. But the post holiday blues, sadly finally catch up with everyone. The slump, of course, is that feeling that the “holiday is over!’’, already? 


And January is the slump season. After enjoying the luxury of holiday celebrations and some vacation time in late December, we suffer widespread apathy as we reminiscence on the festive memories from family gatherings to days spent lounging or napping. For many it was simply an escape from the bustle of everyday life.

Well, the long winter vacation, its excitement and anxiety, has finally come to an end.

The New Year, 2020, the dawn of a New Decade is before us and a fever grips us all:  a mixture of excitement and a little apprehension grips most of us, many promising whoever cares to hear a new version of themselves.


But for most of us the post-holiday slump aches have taken their toll. Young or old, we all are uneager to return to our daily hectic and quite monotonous schedules and long lists of things to do, from school to business, thoughts of the daily commute. It is quite difficult to set that alarm and get back to life as we know it. Now normal life has hit us like a ton of bricks and many people confess to having difficulty waking up early.

For students, teachers and support staff at Waltham High School,the experiences were varying. With Midterms just around the corner, WIDA access testing, a new bus configuration, and a lot of different activities and changes,It’s a beehive here.

 “I was excited and ready, although sad that I couldn’t sleep in anymore. The break ended suddenly, school resumed on a Thursday, and the weekend was a huge motivation towards overcoming the slump,” shared WHS Librarian Ms. Tierney. 

Many of us felt the same. On the first day, some students were absent and those that attended school soon gave away to chatter about the holidays. But still, many students looked bored and fatigued with the school environment that was a contrast to the relaxation they had been enjoying over the break.

Many students had to come to their unfinished assignments and whatever they had undone.

All was not as bad as it seems, as talking about our fun filled memories seems to ease the blues.