Jovia Nakalembe, Creative Writer

On a windy Friday evening on the 22nd November 2019, the senior class of Waltham High School shared their talents with family and friends with their last big performance in the school, the song and dance spectacle known as Senior Revue. The seniors performed for the freshman class during school on Wednesday, the final dress rehearsal, which is a tradition at WHS for the senior class. Their performance included interesting skits like dance, singing, and comedy. The mood was all very jolly. It was evident that everyone was having a good time because of the loud cheering after every performance. 


“They did such a great job in a really short time of practice,” said one of the parents of the seniors. They only started their practice a month ago and had only a few weeks to the performance. “Deb is really talented and determined,” said another. Much appreciation goes to the dance teacher, Deborah Finell, who started this tradition and developed the dance program at WHS. She started this tradition so that every student who didn’t take dance as a class during their time at the high school would get a chance to participate and step on the stage of the Regal Theatre.


“I had a fun time learning the moves and even though it was hard to make practices because of work and other responsibilities, it was successful,” said Navea, a senior at WHS. “This is definitely a great way to welcome the freshmen and to say goodbye to everyone,” said another senior. They were happy it was successful and now are back to stressing about college applications and fees. Overall, it was quite a show, and everyone hopes the tradition keeps on going because it represents WHS’s strength in culture and entertainment.