Dance Theatre

March 7, 2019

Dance Theatre is the union of dance and theatrical methods of stage performances to create a show. You feel completely free range as you try to express something, to use a whole variety of theatrical materials like dance, singing, dressing up, cause and effect.

At Waltham High School, Dance Theatre takes place during the winter in January. Deborah Finnell, Dance Theater program director, and her trusted crew have auditions. During auditions, they teach a few choreographies and then put the students in groups. They call in group by group to talk about themselves and their dance history because it is one of the factors of the selection process. After auditions, they call back those who got in and embark on the hard training. They train every day of the week except Saturday which is hard work because those that don’t drive have to get rides since they can’t walk in the cold. They go on with this schedule for a month leading up to the performance in early February..

Students in dance theatre said that dance is one way of expressing their emotions. It helps them relax and it’s like a hobby to them and they don’t mind dancing at anytime of the week. The students spend almost all their time at the practices even on weekends but they don’t mind it because they love what they’re doing and it keeps them out of trouble and their minds busy.

Some say that with dance, you don’t have to worry about being socially awkward and trying to talk to people but to just dance and to feel happy and to be yourself.

          Dance teacher Deborah Finnell said she loved dance since she was young and it inspired her to teach kids and make shows to entertain others.She will be retiring soon from Theatre because she has done it for more than 30 years.  But as the show must go on, the Dance Theatre program will continue to celebrate the diverse talents of Waltham High School students

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