Search For The New Principal At Waltham High School.

Jovia Nakalembe, Writer

             The search for the permanent Principal for  Waltham High School has begun. The Superintendent committee responsible for the search  includes Waltham educators, parents, community members, two students from the school , Kaytie Dowcett , Executive director of Waltham Partnership for Youth and former Waltham School Committee member and George Frost, administrator of Human Resources for Waltham Public Schools as the leaders.

             What qualities are students looking for in the new principal? One student stated that they need a principal who can listen to problems and socialise with all students especially those who are not good English speakers. A principal should also find a solution to help them in regular classes taught in English so they can learn what they are supposed to. Paris Kirunda a sophomore said, “ The new Principal must be fair and just to all the students of every race” She explained further that the Principal should make sure that all students are comfortable leading to good grades and better socialization with other students.

             Superintendent Drew Echelson thinks that this will be an attractive position because many people in and out of Waltham have interest in the resources of Waltham and heard about the building project for the High school and therefore has made room in his schedule for 18 interviews with candidates. He also says the right person should understand Waltham Public schools’ approach towards education.