How do you get UNSTUCK in life? 

How do you get UNSTUCK in life? 

Pablo Zepeda Escobar, Staff Writer

How do you get unstuck in life? 

Being stuck can feel frustrating, overwhelming, and even paralyzing. Even though you know you should or want to, you feel stuck and unable to move forward or make progress. You might also feel like you’re not living up to your potential or that you’re letting yourself down. I can give many reasons as to why you would want to unstuck yourself starting with the desire to achieve your goals and aspirations, the ability to grow and develop as a person, and to improve your mental health. Now that we know why we want to unstuck our selves in life, here are three ways to unstuck yourself in life.

1. Let go of the past

The phrase “to let go of the past” means to release the emotional attachment or hold that past experiences have on you. Holding on to past experiences, memories, or regrets can prevent us from living in the present and focusing on building a positive future, so letting go of the past is crucial for getting unstuck in life and moving forward. The first step is to take some time to reflect on your past experiences and the emotions they bring up for you. Let yourself feel them but not for too long. Second step is to identify what you can control and realize that you can’t change what already happened. Finally set new goals so you have something else to focus on.

2. Explore your purpose

Exploring your purpose means taking the time to reflect on your values, interests, strengths, and goals to obtain better understanding of what gives your life meaning and direction. Exploring your purpose is so vital because once you figure it out you should be making better decisions. You’ll see yourself as the person who made the better choices and have more respect for yourself. This will naturally improve your well-being and mental health. Step one is to ask your self what impact you want to make? Ask yourself “how you want society to see you?” This will reveal your values and passions. Step two would be to identify what you are good at naturally so you can combine that with your values and passions so you can be the best at what you are doing. Once you get to that point you just do that for 110% until you can’t anymore and die happy because you fulfilled your prophecy.

3. Practice being hopeful

To intentionally cultivate optimism and hope in the face of obstacles, difficulties, or setbacks is to practice being hopeful. Instead of dragging on unfavorable ideas and feelings, it requires putting your attention on promising potential and results. By practicing hope you can increase resilience which will help when coping with challenges and setbacks. The first step is to focus on positive possibilities. Step two would be to surround yourself with positive people and environments. You can also practice gratitude which will shift your focus on good things which will increase feelings of positivity. Last but not least would be to take action rather than feeling helpless and acting like a little baby. When you see the results of your actions it will increase feelings of hope and you’ll be unstuck in a matter of no time.