The feeling of being accepted.


Isaac Novoa, Staff Writer

The feeling of being accepted can be a beautiful feeling. This feeling can cause happiness, tears of joy, or even lead to success. Everything is going well and everything is going your way, this is a beautiful thing. We love being told yes, we love being told I love you, we love seeing an acceptance letter from our dream school and from a job we’ve wanted for a long time. Hard work needs to be in place for good things to happen and for success to grow. 

Grit, perseverance, hard work and many other words that explain success overall can help an individual gain a power of being successful in life, today success can mean many things for everyone, this can mean getting a great job that pays well, having amazing grades and being a student at a top university, or it can simply be, surviving the next day without any casualties or bad moments, that can mean success. Some people work so hard in their life to gain something amazing and successful after their long hours studying, working, doing things that would benefit themselves. And at the end of the day the question remains: How can I sustain myself financially and how can I be both mentally and physically healthy?

We work to understand our feelings and to understand what we do, what we want, what we need, and what can benefit us for our far future.

— Isaac Novoa

The feeling of happiness can mean a lot of things for a lot of people and everything is depending on who you are as a person and as an individual. I read in an old news article that “Happiness can mean a lot of things for different people, it can mean doing a lot of things that make you happy or it simple means doing nothing at all.” I can understand why happiness and the feeling of being accomplished and accepted can come together. You can understand these things better when you have a group of people that share similar feelings. But like many things in the world, we are different, we work differently, and not every SINGLE THING can be the same. Human beings don’t like change, they have to change and adapt to the change, and this can sometimes take a lot of time. And time is very important for you and me.

Acceptance can be a great and beautiful thing. This can mean so many things, countless things, we love them and take care of them. We understand that as humans being accepted can be a amazing thing, we are beings that love interaction with others, we like talking to people, we like to hug each other, we love other, we kiss, we fall in love, we marry, and we love being human beings of this world, but we also cry, die, feel pain, and feel heartbroken. We work to understand our feelings and to understand what we do, what we want, what we need, and what can benefit us for our far future.