Waltham’s Own Maker-Space: Charles River Collaboratory


Maggie Ngo, Staff Writer

Have you ever been interested in coding, 3D printing, laser cutting, or other fun and creative tasks? Many people have been interested in these topics, but never known where they could go to find these machines or materials. Soon there will be a place where you can do this! On Saturday, May 13th, the Charles River Collaboratory will open. This is a space for anyone who wants to get creative and explore. The Charles River Collaboratory aims “to foster a community of makers who are curious problem-solvers and excited to collaborate with others.”

Here, the possibilities are endless! You can design whatever you want on 3D printers and make so many different things with laser cutters. There is even an embroidery machine that you can use to create designs on fabric. People can use these machines and this space for free! Materials will be available for everyone to use. Free training sessions will be provided. The hope is that this will become a creative atmosphere that welcomes mistakes where you can take the time to learn something new. This is a place for everybody, no experience is necessary.

Some things that people have created here consist of dragons, greenhouses, butterflies, maps, bags, and so much more. The Charles River Collaboratory “[encourages] the community to pursue all interests and passions” in this space. 

The Charles River Collaboratory is a non-profit organization dedicated to provide a space for people to hang out, learn something new, and utilize the many machines and materials available. Their mission is to “provide an inclusive, collaborative, and fun environment for youth and their families to create, explore, play and learn new skills.” There is an amazing team creating this space including students and professors from Boston College and students from Waltham High School. This student-led community helped create the space, and in addition to staffing  the workshop space, students are promoting this amazing new creative community in Waltham. 

FREE TO THE PUBLIC! Come and visit with a chance to work with: 3D printing, laser cutting, Micro bits and embroidering! Workshops every hour from 11am-4pm

Opening at Steampunk on the Waltham Common, May 13th, you can venture to this maker-space to partake in various workshops throughout the day. Some of these activities include: decorating a community airship and puzzle, 3D printing your own keys, playing with a pocket-sized computer, and even decorating your own tote bag! There are workshops every hour from 11am-4pm.

Located in The Charles River Museum at 154 Moody Street, this is definitely a place people should check out. For more information you can follow the Charles River Collaboratory on instagram @crcollab.