This is Dedicated to My Mom

This is Dedicated to My Mom

Edward Blyakhman, Staff Writer

To be a mother…

Mothers will go to great lengths to sacrifice for their children. Mothers suffer and endure a whole nine months of pregnancy, to then have arguably the worst pain of their life birthing that child. To put it into perspective birthing a child has a higher pain level than getting shot.

As our generation moves into adulthood, I see all these videos online and stories from personal experiences about how children are growing more and more disconnected with their parents. Mothers words are going undermined and unnoticed. I am acknowledging the great feats my mother had to go through and is still going through for me. So, this interview is dedicated to my mom and her message to the world and what it is like being a mother

These were the interview questions:

  1. How is your day going today?
  2. How many kids do you have?
  3. What would you say your average day consists of?
  4. Describe the negatives of being a mother?
  5. Describe the pros?
  6. Do you believe there to be a difference between the father and the mother?
  7. Would you go back and change anything in your life in general?
  8. Would you take back being a mom, and why?
  9. If you could give advice to your child, and they will actually take that advice, what would it be?

This interview is dedicated to my mom and her message to the world and what it is like being a mother.

— Edward Blyakhman

What I took out of the interview: 

My mom is a stay-at-home mom for five children. She is very tired. She talks about how hard it is to manage the baby’s schedule, “I wish the baby would sleep.” She also talks about how some of her children are daddy’s girls so “mommas are always the villain, and daddy’s always the hero” and “it doesn’t matter what mom says.” I always knew this was the case, but actually talking about it one-on-one made me really put myself in her shoes and realize how this could be very hindering to her day to day life.

Even though there are many cons, the pros of being a mom definitely outweigh them. “Watching children from the time that they are nothing in your arms … to what they can actually become, knowing you’ve tried the best for them… will then reflect on the raising of their own children.” This quote shows the deep connections a mother has with her children, and how being a mother greatly influences their children’s future. “I think that first of all, a mother is closer with the children because the mother is the first to feel their heartbeat,” and “A mothers loved is unmatched.”

When the questions became more deep and more personal, we talked about how we’ve all made mistakes in life and would she (my mom) go back in time and change them, even if that would change her future (the present).

“I would do it all over again the same exact way.”

“I wouldn’t change my family for the world.”

She also talks about if she would go back the only things she would change are things that will make her children’s lives easier and better, not her own personal life.

Near the wrapping up of my interview, the advice she gave me on behalf of all parents really stood out to me. There are two types of people in this world, people that are caring, kind, and loving, and then there are people who are rude and ignorant. I hope that you grow up to be the first type because those decisions you make will reflect on your future. Furthermore, any time you need your mother or father, you should always be able to speak to them, because real parents will never judge their child no matter what the situation is, and should and will love you unconditionally.

Overall, this interview just proved to me how much mothers have to sacrifice. I recommend anyone do this because not only will you understand your mother better, but you will feel yourself grow closer to her.