I’ve Been Quiet for Too Long

Ive Been Quiet for Too Long

Emilia Ramirez, Staff Writer

I’m writing this because honestly I feel like I’ve been too quiet about this for so long. So before you proceed to read this, this is an article based on my personal experience and my raw emotions. Ecuador’s education system and teachers were horrible, and that’s just the truth.

So for the past five years I’ve been to three different schools in Ecuador, all because of how unfairly I’ve been treated. 

The teachers are so rude, they don’t care whether you understand or not. I got screamed at for not understanding even when I asked for help. I got suspended for defending myself from another guy that was getting physical with me. Did the guy get suspended for laying a hand on me? No, why would he? I was the “crazy” girl who needed psychological help. Now I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t the best student out there. I was left behind for being “ too diabolical” and apparently sleeping with one of the teachers, who by the way didn’t get punished for the rumor. I did. 

Moving on to the next school, this one is a whole ride. In this school we wore two uniforms for corresponding days. The first one consisted of a blouse and a skirt, the second one, a t-shirt, long sleeve jacket, and sweatpants. I wasn’t allowed to take off the jacket because my body was too “tempting” and “provocative.” Those were the exact words the school staff used. There was a time where another rumor started about me “sleeping” with the vice principal. I did what I had to and went to address it immediately. What was the outcome? I was threatened by the staff to shut up about it and face the consequences of my apparent “actions.” I started getting bullied relentlessly for three years straight.

Here’s the final school I attended. Now this school really topped it all. This school is full of pedophiles. My best friend was groomed by our physics teacher. He tried to do the same thing to me, but I wasn’t stupid. When a friend of mine finally said something about it, she was suspended. “What happened to the teacher?” you might ask. He still works there. There came a point where I was struggling to understand certain subjects. When I asked for help, I would get yelled at for being “stupid.” The school failed me. They said I simply wasn’t good enough to pass. 

I’m writing this because honestly I feel like I’ve been too quiet about this for so long.

— Emilia Ramirez

So what do I get off telling you this? For me, it’s a way to finally tell someone, anyone reading this, what I went through. It still makes me so angry the way I was treated unfairly. I know I did my very best, and maybe sometimes I was in the wrong, but what happened to me? I did not deserve that. Not at all. 

Coming to Waltham High School isn’t something I expected to feel so good. I can tell you right now, I prefer being here than over there. WHS gives you opportunities, a chance. When I first transferred here around December, I’m not gonna lie, I thought I was just gonna have another bad experience to tell, but I was proven wrong. Waltham High has treated me better for these past few months I’ve been here, than those other three schools combined in five years. The teachers are so nice and helpful, it’s a shame some students don’t treat them with the respect that they deserve. They deserve a lot more recognition than what they get. I like all my teachers the same, but if I’m being real here, Ms. Bailey-Herrera is the one who gave me the confidence to do what I love doing the most, to write. She’s the absolute best. 

I was allowed to choose electives to replace the subjects I had passed. The same subjects the teachers in Ecuador said I hadn’t and wouldn’t ever pass. I felt so good because I finally proved them wrong. Not only am I getting good grades, but I’m going to graduate this year, get into a good college, I’m going to do everything they said I couldn’t achieve. The best part? I’m doing this for me, because I deserve this.