The Annual PowderPuff Game


Erin McCarthy, Staff Writer

Being a high school student comes with a vigorous workload and stressful responsibilities that can sometimes be difficult to manage. However, there are many different events and traditions that can make a high school environment fun and upbeat. With various sporting events, interactive opportunities, and rewarding moments, students can make the best of the time spent in a place that doesn’t exactly have a positive connotation. The annual PowderPuff game is a great example of an interactive and positive event that gets students excited! 

The PowderPuff game is an annual football game played by girls and is run and organized by students. PowderPuff has been a tradition at Waltham High School, but is also a tradition at many different schools throughout the United States. Essentially, it is a two-touch football game played between the senior and junior classes. At Waltham High School, boys who play on the varsity football team coach, assign players to positions, and come up with plays during the game. With no tryouts necessary, it is a great activity for all students to get involved in! 

Due to Leary Field being under construction, the game was moved to the spring season, even though it is normally played in the fall. PowderPuff is also normally played under the lights, but because of the lack of options for lighted fields, it was played during the afternoon at the pit. Although this game looked different than the ones before, it still was a great game! 

The annual PowderPuff game is a great example of an interactive and positive event that gets students excited!

— Erin McCarthy

PowderPuff comes with a lot of planning and preparation both on the field and off the field. On the field, players need to be consulted before the game to determine what position would fit them best. Determining positions and whether or not they are on the offensive or defensive line can take a lot of comparing and contrasting between the coaches. One of the coaches said, “It was really fun making the plays and being a coach even though we are players ourselves.” 

After a very close game last year that came down to a field goal, this year’s game was highly anticipated by students to see if the class of 2023 could hold their reigning title. Now wearing pink instead of black, the seniors took on the juniors on March 17th on a gorgeous day at the pit! With a crowd, a live DJ, and raffle tickets, it was a fun opportunity for everyone involved! The game kicked off with the seniors on the defensive, against a very strong junior offensive. Each team became close at various points throughout the game before the half, but the score was 0-0. With referees Joey Caroll and Marc Lovett making difficult calls, the game became very intense. In the last half of the game, the seniors pulled through with various touchdowns and field goals from all different players, leading the class of 2023 to victory with a score of 24-0. 

Although the game can get competitive, PowderPuff is meant to bring people together and allow for a good time with your peers and friends. Overall, the annual game brings positive opportunities for all people involved!