Senior Revue


Senior Revue 2022

Jordan Kelley, Staff Writer

Senior Revue is a musical dance extravaganza directed by WHS teacher Deborah Finnell in November showcasing the talent and community of Waltham High School seniors. Students celebrate finally making it to senior year, after a long twelve years of schooling.  Finnell choreographs the dances and directs the show, while managing her regular teaching schedule with her Stage and Body classes. Finnell holds countless show practices, perfecting the show for family, friends, and loved ones paying $15 dollars to watch the performance. Whether it’s practices with MC’s, dancers, elite dances, soloists, etc, Finnell’s always working hard to bring the very best out of the show and senior class.

Deb, as she’s fondly known by students, says she does it because “I love my seniors! Each year, they carve out a little piece of my heart. This is a memory they will have forever!

I love my seniors! Each year, they carve out a little piece of my heart. This is a memory they will have forever!

— Deborah Finnell, WHS Dance Teacher

Senior Revue is full of dances, skits, solos, and more. Even those who don’t want to be on the stage don’t have to, the stage crew is full of seniors and others who get to be a part of the fun without performance on stage. As Finnell says, “I do this show because EVERYBODY WINS.” 

It’s one of the final opportunities for all the seniors to come together and do something fun before going and branching out their our own in college, trade school, or other life plans.

Finnell shares that one of her favorite parts of directing the Revue is “putting together all the different groups of kids in the senior class. Kids tend to hang with their buddies. Doing a show with everyone bonds the class. We aren’t just in our safe little bubble of friends anymore! We evolve to ONE senior class. It involves so many diverse kids, and although it is stressful, it works every time.” And her second favorite part, “I do not have to make any cuts. Everyone makes it!”

It’s been going on forever, the first Senior Revue was the class of 1968, which is ironically Finnell’s sister’s class. As it is now, a 57 year Waltham High School tradition. Finnell shared, “My Senior Revue was very old-fashioned.” The director before her was Robert Eagle of Reagle Players, who made it “very structured and rigid.” Finnell disclosed, “We couldn’t select our songs, etc, however, he asked me to choreograph one of his numbers, and that started my passion for this production.” Finnell has the longest tenure directing the show. 

All seniors are stressed out during their senior year. Colleges acceptances are weighing on our minds, everyone’s getting ready to figure out their life goals, career path, wants in life, are just some of the stresses seniors have to go through. Senior Revue is a place everyone can come together and have fun, even with all the stress going on. Every Sunday, you had a five hour practice and get to leave the stress for that time period. The best part is that everyone around you understands the stress and struggle that is going on because everyone is in the same confused stressed place. 

In my senior revue experience I got the opportunity to be with Ms. Finnell, “Deb”, for Stage and Body and Senior Revue, and both are amazing experiences. Senior Revue was so fun and gave me the opportunity to branch out and try new things, as well as meet new people along the way. Every dance has its own funny memories and fun days that only the senior class will know of and hold on to. Although going from Senior Revue to important cheer competitions or vice versa is tiring, I wouldn’t change these unforgettable senior experiences differently.