School Lunch – Make or Break?

School Lunch - Make or Break?

Edward Blyakhman, Staff Writer

School lunch. A very controversial topic among many students nowadays. I canvased Waltham High School to ask students whether school lunch is Make or Break!

I asked students if they even eat the school lunch. Based on that answer, I asked about their opinions on the hot meals and snack bar, and how school lunch could be improved, if it needs improving. Then the big question:  whether school lunch is make or break?

Now let’s get into the interviews.

Student #1 Female walking quiet in the hallways keeping to herself

She does eat school lunch but not everyday, she brings lunch from home, sometimes. She said the hot meals are good sometimes, but there are days where it could be better. She doesn’t get food from the snack bar. “School lunch could use healthier ingredients.” Overall she thinks that school lunches are a make.

Student #2 Male walking with friends being loud

He eats school lunch everyday. He likes the hot meals, but he prefers the sandwiches. He also buys food from the snack bar. “They Are Taxing Us.” He believes the snack bar is a little expensive, “at least the main meals are free.” He believes school lunch could give a little bit more food, but the food itself is fine. Overall school lunch is make.

Student #3 Male walking alone in hallways listening to music

He does not go to school for lunch. He believes that it tastes really disgusting, and smells really bad. “I almost puked one time.” He thinks that there is no fixing school lunch at all, and they should make a separate cafeteria for people who bring their own food, or don’t want to be there. Overall school lunch is a break.

Student #4 Female sitting in cafeteria in the morning with friends

She does go to school lunch. She only gets the salads. She doesn’t prefer the hot meals, and she also doesn’t get the snack bar. She thinks that the school lunch should be healthier, and less greasy. “It’s okay.” Overall school lunch is a make because the salad saves it.

Student #5 Male walking in hallway to class

He goes to school for lunch and eats everything. He also goes to the snack bar almost every time they open. “Free food is free food.” He says they could improve on flavor, but overall it’s okay. “I see a lot of people throwing away their food.” He doesn’t understand why they do that, “it’s a waste.” Overall he believes school lunch is a make.

Based on these interviews there seems to be a good split of opinions:  some people loved the food, liked the food, and hated it. There was no feedback given where they said school lunch was perfect, most people agreed the school lunch is bare minimum okay. The most constructive criticism was about fixing the amount of grease in school lunch and making it healthier with fresher ingredients. Even though this is article is based off of limited data, what was concluded was that school lunch is a make.