Isaac Novoa, Staff Writer

On Thursday, October 6th, the Waltham High School College Fair took place from 6:30 pm to 9:15 pm. The event was an overall success. There were so many people that it became hard to walk through the cafeteria where there were over 30 schools. Enthusiastic admissions officials shared the unique offerings and student experience at each of their schools and WHS students gained a lot of information.

The College Fair event returned after being discontinued  due to Covid since 2019. This event was for everyone in Waltham High School. The National Honor Society supported the event as members helped set up chairs, met and greeted the representatives of all the universities and led them to their tables. NHS members also helped clean up after the college fair to put chairs away, tables, any materials that were used by the college representatives. Students left the event happy to have helped out supporting such a successful event for the high school.

College fairs provide an overview to the college search process and help students consider next steps for life after high school. Senior at WHS first entered to high school at the beginning of Covid-19, during that time everything closed down including the opportunities that they should have had if they had a normal year, like college fairs.

“It’s a good thing that the college representatives have come back,” says David Molina, a senior at Waltham High School. Molina has attended several college representative visits at WHS to see what colleges he might be interested in and what colleges he might apply to. 

“I am planning on going to college right after high school, and my guidance counselor told me to come up with a list of about eight schools, and so far I have two that I really want to go to, and they are both in state which is great. I also see myself becoming a journalist in the future and majoring in Journalism in college.”

The whole topic of college and university can be something that can be overwhelming for everyone. People might have different opinions than others and/or have more resources and opportunities than others. Financial Aid is something that needs to be talked about more and more, since not everyone is able to afford a higher education. Today more than ever college has become very expensive and it’s becoming harder and harder to afford it.

College is not for everyone and not everyone has to go to college to become successful, choices and decisions are something very critical for our life since this can make up our life and our future and a college fair can be very helpful sharing information to help make some of those challenging decisions for future success.