We have a hiking club???? Clubs and Sports at WHS


Miyana Bahl, Staff Writer

As school begins, we begin to hear teachers’ renowned saying, “Get involved early.” They say this, we hear this, but what does this really mean? Waltham High School is filled with clubs and sports teams that students from all grades enjoy and take part in. As a freshman, it can be very overwhelming to the point where students may find it easier not to take part in anything at all. 

Activities in high school carve out who we are little by little. Who and what we choose to associate ourselves with is a huge part of who we are and what we become. If students join clubs catered towards their interests, that is further going to shape the part of them that is aligned with the club. 

“To start things from the beginning, it helps you become a leader in the future and helps you develop stronger connections…” said a WHS senior who takes part in many clubs. 

We not only need to get involved for our self identity, but also our mental health and life skills. Students who are involved, tend to be more engaged and attentive during the school days. It also helps build life skills.The jump from middle to high school is huge, and most of the time students are nowhere near prepared for the change. 

“High school, you have a lot more freedom, but more responsibilities in your life….and middle school you are more controlled,” said Kayla Mackanize, a sophomore reflecting on her freshman year. You do not necessarily learn what life is like in middle school, but high school is much more closely related to the real world. 

Many freshmen think of the start of high school as “nerve-racking” or “exciting.” When freshmen join high school there is a subconscious divide between people that are trying to get involved versus those who are not. Something that the school has done really well is creating an activities fair.The activities fair is a place where upperclassmen talk about and get people excited to do things within the school. Many people find the activity fair helpful because they see their siblings and friends representing their sports teams and clubs. 

“Definitely, at the activities fair this year I joined seven clubs and sports…” reported a WHS freshman. All of the posters representing these different activities really draw students in.

“Definitely get involved, it’s a great way to make friends…and you will notice it in your years [at WHS] and you will notice it because you will [just be] more involved at the school,” said WHS senior Regan Mcpherson.

Unless given a way to talk to and communicate with the former members and upperclassmen, incoming freshmen can’t exactly access the information that would help them get involved. Putting yourself out there is imperative, not just for the benefit of college and your future, but it is also for making memories.

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