Hawk Football and The Fans Who Cheer for Them


Katie Morales, Staff Writer

On September 29, 2022 the Waltham High Varsity Football team lost their first game of the season to Westford Academy. The game was neck and neck, with a final score of 21-14. 

The Waltham Football Program gained a new coach last year, Coach Sean Brackett, or as his players call him “SBreezy”. As the team adjusted to new leadership and various means of much needed discipline, they ended last year with a record of 2-7. 

This year, the team started off strong winning the first three games of the season against Newton North, Winchester, and Newton South. The Football and Cheer team, along with the rest of the students at Waltham High, grew excited about the Fall 2022 season. 

“We’ve never been anywhere close to this good all four years I’ve been at the high school,” WHS senior captain cheerleader Jordan Kelley says. “It’s easier to cheer on the team when the crowd and football team have good energy.”

“I’m excited to see where the next few games lead us. I hope we can make it to the playoffs this year, our record wasn’t good enough last year.” Joseph Johnson, sophomore linebacker shares. Johnson was on varsity as a freshmen, and notes the difference between this year and last year. 

“It was pretty hype,” Jordan Cononi, senior field hockey captain tells us. She is front row at most games, when she doesn’t have a game of her own. She mentions that the atmosphere of the fan section when the team is winning, “When we’re ahead, everyone yells more which gets the cheerleaders to yell more and since they’re right next to the football team, they feed off that energy. Same thing if they’re down; no one is yelling as much so it affects how the team performs.” 

Towards the end of the game everyone was at the edge of their seats. With time ticking in the fourth quarter, the score was 21-14. Waltham threw the ball in the endzone, and the pass was incomplete. With minutes left on the clock, Waltham’s teams and fans began losing faith. 

Sure enough, the team went home 3-1, with their first loss of the season. While defeated, the team went back to work that week to continue to improve. No matter the outcome of the game the week prior, win or lose, the Waltham Hawks go back to the field every Monday. Dedication, discipline, and consistency are but some of the words to describe this team.  

Since the game on September 29, the football team has played Bedford, Concord Carlisle, and Acton-Boxborough. Of the three games, they’ve won against Acton-Boxborough. This week, they play Lincoln- Sudbury on Friday the 28th. 

Unfortunately, the Hawks, whether they win their game this week or not, will not be participating in the state tournament. They just fell short of the required record to move on. While they aren’t eligible for the playoffs, the team has a game this week, Halloween themed, and the Thanksgiving game left in their 2022 season. We hope to see you there!