Student Expectations/Experiences in Waltham High School


Jasmine Ramires Zepeda, Staff Writer

We all know school can be hard sometimes and difficult.

And it’s harder for freshmen because they transfer from middle school to high school. 

For example I know how it is because I am a freshman right now.

And I can’t lie, it has been kind of hard. 

There have been so many changes. 

For example the biggest change is changing schools and sometimes it can feel like you have to start all over again, because you were used to middle school already. 

And there are always gonna be those changes in life, so we just gotta get used to it.

These are some of the expectations that I have felt I have to accomplish and also my experience in WHS.

For example one of the hardest things in the beginning I think it was classes, in high school there so many classes and the school is huge so you will obviously get lost. 

In this year I have gotten lost so many times.

And you also have to make sure to get to class on time. For a freshman, that is a little more difficult because you gotta still find your class. 

Sometimes you can even get stressed and anxious. 

In WHS the expectations are way higher in classes. 

Which sometimes this year has caused me to get stressed sometimes and anxious.

Sometimes people have experiences which I have not. 

Sometimes people can be cruel in high school, sometimes there can be bullying.

And sometimes it can be hard for teachers to notice because of the amount of students they have to focus on. 

A few students have said the school sometimes is too much and not that necessary. 

They have also said that many teachers don’t focus on the students and don’t really care and all they focus is on the school work students have to complete, and don’t give some time for students. 

Students expect teachers to be more feeling and try to get in students positions so they can understand their students better. 

A student said that sometimes teachers can be racist.                                                                     

And that he experienced this himself with a teacher.       

He said his teacher was different than how he was with the other students and was treated in a different type of way.

Student words: “the teacher be getting me in trouble for no reason, she acts different with me besides the other students and makes me feel out of place sometimes.”