What’s Next?


Isaac Novoa, Staff Writer

As June comes and finals week has come, people or students ask, what’s next? Some people like adults just keep working and keep doing the things that they have been doing. Sometimes the word vacation comes to mind. June and July arrive, also known as summertime, and for most students in elementary, middle, and high school this is free time, students are finally out of school and they have some spare time until they go back to school again.

High school students might pick up a summer job or something to keep them busy, some people travel and go to other places, and upcoming seniors in high school are already thinking about what to do for higher education like college or have a job ready for them after high school. Meanwhile, younger kids just let time do its thing.

It’s been two years since Covid hit our lives and changed every single person in the world, and ever since, we have tried to move from the past and look into the future. Today more and more places are opening and making the Covid restriction less and less, with cases dropping and more people being vaccinated. The future’s looking good for everyone when it comes to more freedom than it once was in 2019.

Sadly, there are always problems. Inflation, unemployment, and the economy is losing their value, decreasing each year. Most of these things go back to Carter’s presidency and stagflation, and some people circle back to now and the 1970s.

Like any problem in the world, it goes away. Good times eventually come to everyone and anyone that waits. For some graduates in the class of 2022, their good times are coming, graduation and prom were one of those good times in their lives and there are still many more to come.

School for many people is important, but for some, it is an obligation. Some people don’t like or choose not to go to school; for some people earning money is better than receiving an education. Today is all about letting people do what they want to do with their lives and not judging and being open-minded and free.

Today many things have changed since the ’80s, ’90s, and early 2000s. Technology has changed everyone and human adaptation throughout many things. The summer for many people has changed with fewer and fewer restrictions and is more open to what it once was. This summer a lot of people will be open and free, a lot of new ideas and opportunities will be open, a summer better than the previous one and a summer that anyone in the workforce will love and appreciate since we all deserve it and all need a little break from once in a while.

While summer is in one hemisphere, winter and fall are in the other. While the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is a problem, we always need to help and support countries and allies of the U.S., since the U.S. is a great superpower in the world and the country that we live and love.

In the spirit of being less restricted, free, and open-minded, this summer I plan to visit my family in El Salvador, visit the White Mountains in New Hampshire, and will, of course, be working at the Boys and Girls Club. What’s next for you?