Getting Ready for College


Andrea Rodriguez

When they tell us ‘’high school goes by so fast’’ we really don’t believe it because four years seem like an eternity to us, until we experience it. As for me, it went really fast since Covid hit in the middle of freshman year, and affected all of the sophomore year. So seemingly out of nowhere, I find myself finishing my junior year and being anxious about what I am going to do after senior year? And I feel like this question has crossed everybody’s mind at least once in our lives. 

Finishing high school is hard. It is like being pulled out of a comfort zone that we have been accustomed to for so long and entering adulthood where you will depend solely on yourself. So, is the price of independence worth it? Is college worth it?

A word. A  word that can change one’s life: ‘’College.’’ When we ask about college, we get so many opinions about whether they are good or bad, and they make us hesitate if it is worth it? We have heard a lot of stories about successful people that did not go to college and are millionaires by now, but also we’ve heard the story of someone working a minimum wage job after not going to college. So which one is it going to be us? 

Personally, I feel like the whole college process is really stressful and that’s why some people don’t even try to go through it because of how much stress, pressure, effort, and time it takes. So to make it easier, in a few words, this is how the college process happens.

According to Waltham High School guidance counselor Mr. Smith, “It is a simple 5 steps process: first, of course, applying. Either you apply online or send your transcript. Teachers and guidance counselors will help you with the whole process. Secondly, financial aid, if it’s needed. WHS guidance counselors can give information to students about the financial aid process. Next would be teacher recommendations. Pick two of your favorite teachers that you know you can count on to write the letter and certainly your guidance counselor. Also, you will share test scores, such as the SAT, if your school of interest requires them. And finally, applying for scholarships either from WHS or private. 

It seems like a long, even overwhelming, process but that’s what our teacher, parents, friends, and counselors are there for, helping as they always have either emotionally or with steps in the application process. With their help, the process will fly by and you will realize you have applied to your dream school! 

Whether you still think the college process is overwhelming or you worry that you don’t have enough resources to attend, there is always a way to make it work, and tons of help for us. I am not saying college is the answer to what is next after high school, but it is definitely an option that we all should take into consideration.