School ends, what now?


Andrea Rodriguez, Writer

Since the beginning of the school year, we anticipate the end of the academic year. Waiting on summer to come around the corner, a stress-free time for us. But aside from resting, we have to be productive as well. It isn’t healthy to take the whole summer just to be lazy. Being lazy the whole time only creates bad habits and will only make it harder for you to get back into the groove of being productive when the next school year comes or just in life as well.  So, yes it’s ok to have some resting time, enjoy it! since being 10 months in school feels like an eternity. But also, we should get some stuff done that we usually wouldn’t be able to do during the school year. 

Here are some ideas on what you can do over the summer coming from a diverse group of Waltham High students. Issac Novac ‘’Over the summer I want to try to get ready for college because before I know it, I will be applying for college.’’ This Idea might be controversial for students since they just finished 10 consecutive months of assignments, homework, and tests. Professional Barbara Dianis advises students to treat summers as part of their education. While it’s good to take a break and relax, the rest of summer is a great opportunity to build skills and seek out professional internship opportunities. We just have to find that balance, as one student shared, ‘’I will finish up a lot of AP reading and projects then take a road trip with my family.’’ 

Junior student says: ‘’ for me, it’s very difficult to balance having a job and still going to school.’’. Students who struggle or have advanced classes barely have time off, and if they do, they use this time for homework or go over schoolwork. Therefore, summer is the right time to get a job if you do not want to study or college is not something coming up soon for you, working can have many benefits as well, for example, you get a peek at a work environment, how salary works, gain independence, and at the end, you’re being productive as well. 

Of course, we can’t forget our extracurriculars. If a sport is a passion for you, or you’re trying to get into any sports team next year, summer is an excellent start to pick up a hobby or try a new one, such as a sport or a language. 

As a Waltham high freshman stated ‘’I want to spend my summertime in a soccer camp or just practice so I can make varsity next year.’’ 

student Roco Bellavia  ‘’Italian has always been a language I’ve been interested in, maybe I would try to learn it over this summer.’’ 

If you don’t have the economic resources to attend a summer club or camp, this shouldn’t stop you, there is always another way. For instance, practicing with friends in a public field or finding a free online course on the language you’re interested in can be a way to achieve your goals.

There are many ways to be productive over the summer. The hardest part is having the motivation to do so. That is why we need to find a balance to allow ourselves to rest and learn. So let’s try to use our time wisely during these 2 months of vacation creating new memories and new acknowledgments!