Ending of Term Student Stress

Ending of Term Student Stress

Darlene Dubon, Writer

How much stress do students experience at the ending of their grading period? There are a lot of students that need to turn in late assignments or retake a test that they did not do well on, especially when the term is going to end and you have to make sure you turn everything in before the teachers can’t accept anything more when the grade books close. There are a lot of students that have to work after school and don’t have much time to finish their homework or missing work, or they have to take care of their siblings and have a lot to do in their personal lives. The work ends up getting pushed away more and more so that when the time comes for grades, a lot of students start stressing a lot trying to hurry and get everything done. 


Some teachers refrain from putting grades for a long time until the term is going to end and that makes a lot of students extremely stressed caused they aren’t able to see what they can fix or what they still need to finish. Sophomore Youssef Mourad complained, ¨It is very stressful and has made me cry cause of the stress. They promise you that they are going to put it in the grade book before the deadline, but the term is already so close to the point you have no idea if they are still putting in your grade or not.¨ 


At the end of your term, a lot of students are worried over the last test they have to take before grades close, and a lot of teachers like it because that gives some students an opportunity to get their grades up a little bit more, but there are also students who already feel secured with their grade and don’t want anything else to ruin it or bring it down more. It already brings a lot of unwanted stress to the mix of stress they had bringing their grade up. As a student myself, I do not really enjoy having a test at the end of the term. End-of-term tests are good if I need a boost in my grade, but sometimes my grade is at a good point and I feel okay about it, but I could end up not doing well on the final assessment and that makes my grade go down. This makes me feel really stressed and upset because there’s nothing I can do about it after that unless I am still able to retake it before there’s really nothing to do.


Freshman Maria Morales said, ¨I feel like it is dumb because it could end up bringing down a lot of grades and that there’s no point of giving a test when the term is gonna end soon anyway, it makes me feel stressed and pressured.¨ A lot of students think that the teachers are just trying to make their grades go down right when the term is going to end, but a lot of them are also trying to make an opportunity for other students so they can bring up their grades so they can pass. 


The ending of the grading period is always going to be very overwhelming and stressful for students but also some are glad so they can get over with it and start a new fresh term. No matter how hard it is getting through it and how stressful it is, it will be such a relief to get the grades you worked hard for and it’s equally very upsetting if a grade you wanted didn’t go up. But there is always another term coming, so you can bring it up next time.