Isaac Novoa, Staff Writer

AMERICAN HORROR STORY began in 2011 with its first season “Murder House” being the most-watched show and season of that time surpassing other shows like The Office, Glee, and Breaking Bad. The genre for American Horror Stories is very complex with a lot of things behind it like horror, drama, supernatural horror, thriller, and anthology. “Some plot elements of each season are loosely inspired by true events,” according to and this is mainly true with some exaggerations for entertainment purposes. Overall AHS is a great show well-loved by the media with the show’s actors and actresses winning many awards such as the Emmy, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild awards. 

AHS has a rating of 77% on the average Tomatometer according to I’ve watched all of its seasons (10 seasons) and overall loved it. Season 10 recently came out due to the Covid-19 delay, and I finished it in two days due to how good it was. I love the show so much. 

In 2021 FX (the channel where you can watch AHS) released a new show from the AHS timeline called, AMERICAN HORROR STORIES, which is based on short stories in each episode since American Horror Story has the traditional “one story for each season.” American Horror Stories so far has only one season with seven episodes with 2/7 episodes bringing the “Murder House” an iconic house in the whole AHS timeline since that same house was the main attraction when AHS first came out with its first season in 2011. Today, American Horror Story is considered one of the best shows that American TV ever created. 

Today American Horror Story has great reviews and ratings. But like any other show, they also have bad ratings and some hate due to the things that are being shown and referenced like “horror/haunted” houses around the U.S where people have died and “satanic possessions” have taken place in those houses, an insane asylum that takes place in Massachusetts during the 60s but is later shut down due to workers experimenting with the patients, the descendants of the last witches from the Salem witch trials in 1692 leaving Massachusetts during the histeria and going to New Orleans to fight an evil voodoo woman, the last remaining freak shows in the U.S in Florida during the 1950’s and fighting for their right to be a “normal human being”, H.H. Holmes and the number of people he killed in his torture chamber in the Hotel Cortez in downtown L.A, the lost colony of Roanoke in North Carolina, the aftermath of the 2016 election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the end or world and the antichrist, mid-80’s and the serial killer Richard Ramirez and his satanic references and it’s most recent season 10, being split in half and giving the first point of view of vampires living in Provincetown, Massachusetts and how the power of a pill can change someone’s talent and the other half talks about president Dwight D. Eisenhower and it’s treaty with aliens for exchange of technology and innovations that can change the future of the U.S and the world.

I personally like AHS because of its long stories spread out over an entire season in the horror and thriller genre. You can sometimes be so into the story that you completely forget things that are going on outside of the TV, sometimes you can’t “put it down.” I’ve always been in love with scary and horror shows, movies, and books, including authors like R.L Stine and Stephen King, great authors of the horror genre.

American Horror Story and American Horror Stories are both great shows that I 100% recommend due to their great storyline. I’ve seen both of them and finished watching them completely and I’m completely invested in a great storyline and amazing plot twists, and I recommend that you also watch them too.