The Truth About Fall

Alex D

“Fall is so pretty”,

The colors on the trees change,

The leaves Fall,


How can something so beautiful hold a darker meaning,

Everyone looks at the trees and the leafs,

They think ‘it’s so pretty ‘


You seem to forget, 

They aren’t changing to be pretty,

They are changing because they’re dying,  

They are falling to the ground looking as good as angels,


They’re so pretty when they die right,

People say death is horrible,

Yet then how do you fall in love with fall,

Death is sworming all around,

So is it The same as humans,

To people look at our corspes on the ground,

Do they think,

“Wow they’re so pretty”,

Is human life really that worthless,

I suppose so,

We all suffer the same fate,

Some earlier than others,

Some later,

But we all go down sometime,

So I guess what I’m trying to say is,

Is human death as beautiful as fall?