Covid poem

Alex D


something that is horrible,

for covid is like a knock at the door,

someone screaming let me in only i do not know them,

yet the knocking gets louder and louder not stopping,

until the house goes still and dark,

now the house is just settling enough to where i feel a tiny bit safe,

all though that knocking is still there that person is no longer yelling,

it has simmered down to quiet talking,

brave people went out and tried facing the monster head on but they’ve yet to come back,

their souls are now knocking a long side that person, that monster that is known as covid,

the windows close to shattered from all the souls there are to many to fit on that door,

so the souls move to the windows,

i do not know if the souls of the people who fought that monster  are brave or dumb,

but what i do know is with hope we can silence that monster, that knock once and for all.

Though now it is 2021,

My fear has  fallen for i have opened that door,

Covid something I had once feared,

Is silent this  so called monster has turned into a person,

The damage has been done,

Souls still swim freely in the sky,

That person is a crying child who just wanted to find their mother,

Breaking through everyone who tried to stop them,

Though this doesn’t excuse their actions,

They have found their mother  and peace is starting to come,

Kids can be seen running at parks again as they once could,

All though that child named covid is still out there,

That mother has wrapped them in her arms so tightly not even the wind could get to them,

I am finally safe inside my own house ,

That door can be left open letting people come and go as they please,

It’s beautiful isn’t it?