Review Of Muppets Chrismas Carol


The Muppet Christmas Carol 

A Movie filmed and produced in 1992 

It is a great movie showing a more kid friendly Christmas Carol. It is a musical version of the CHristmas Carol and as you may know the Christmas Carol is a story about A guy who is broken inside and out. He doesn’t get love or anything that makes you happy. He hates Christmas and he originally doesn’t believe people can truly be happy but the night of Christmas 3 ghosts visit him, ghosts of the past,present, and future. He is forced to see things he did not ever wish to see. His first and lonely love leaving him was one of them. He was reminded and showed that no matter what family and love should always come first. As we can see these are dark topics that most kids can’t handle but to show them in a more kid friendly and goofy way such as the muppets. I think the message will come clearly to them. So I rate this movie a 10/10. I love it as it reminds me of my childhood. I used to watch this movie all the time in December. 

-Alex DiG