An Insight to Show Choir


Ava DiMatteo

The curtain goes up. Lights are blaring. Audience excitement is through the roof. Everything around you is hectic, but you’re prepared. The microphone booms “Waltham’s Music Unlimited”! 

Music Unlimited is Waltham High Schools’s competitive coed show choir performing group. They sing and dance straight through 5 whole songs, no breaks or pauses while wearing flamboyant costumes to make them stand out from the other 10 or so groups competing on the same day. Their moves and vocals are unbelievable from hundreds of hours of practice, whether it be in school, after school, or on Saturdays. But still, after all the hard work they put in, and how competitively they score, they never get the recognition they deserve at Waltham High School. High school sophomore and member of MU blames it on the fact that, “it’s a fine art. Fine arts are always not appreciated at schools. Waltham High appreciates the arts, but a lot of funding and attention goes to sports.”

At Waltham High School there’s a strong emphasis on traditional high school activities such as football, even when those teams aren’t as strong as non-traditional groups such as show choir. MU member states,”Compared to sports at our school, we win more than they do. We get second place more than other groups do.” Waltham’s show choir group is notorious for receiving the Grand Champions award such as in 2020 at their Nutmeg competition. 

Not only does Music Unlimited contribute its success to Waltham’s good name, it’s also very inclusive and helpful to students. A sample of students in show choir were asked what other activities they’re able to participate in along with show choir. Here are the responses:      



Swim team

Student council 

Book Club

Dance Theatre


Italian Club



And many many more

Kids are able to pursue all of their interests without being heavily overwhelmed by show choir. While it’s a commitment, it’s not a lifestyle. It’s a healthy part of people’s lives. MU member claims that, “It’s definitely helped get my work ethic back from online school.” Having something to focus on and having something that requires discipline is really beneficial to students. It gives them the ability to manage their time, and prioritize what’s important. Show choir gives something for students to look forward to. In the school day, it could be the class they most look forward to, or after school it could be the activity that keeps them moving through the day. 

There’s a message these kids want to send out about show choir. Here it is:  “It’s not lame. When I say that I’m in show choir, I always get embarrassed when I say it. But it’s actually like, one of the coolest things Waltham High has to offer.”

Lastly, in a timely manner Waltham’s Choral Parents Association is hosting a Christmas tree sale at the Kennedy Middle School parking lot from December 3 through December 5, though usually trees sell out before December 5. The price for a tree is $50 no matter the size of the tree. Since there’s a shortage of Christmas trees this year due to wildfires and overharvesting in past years, supporting a local choir would be beneficial for everyone!