“Fight The Darkness Sing The Song”


Richard G, Writer

  Show choir aka Music Unlimited, is a co-ed group that sings and dances to diverse songs such as “Love Can Move Mountains” by Celine Dion and “Finesse” by Bruno Mars featuring Cardi B. As a junior who’s in Music Unlimited for his first year I find it enjoyable and pleasant, and it’s a group that helps someone grow by meeting new people and learning to sing and dance better. This year the group is half male and half female which is of prime importance because there usually is more girls than boys. In the group, there are four different sections: tenors, basses, altos, and sopranos. Tenors and basses are all male and altos and sopranos are all female. Tenors are boys with higher pitched singing voices and basses are boys with lower singing voices. Altos are girls with lower singing voices and sopranos are girls with high singing voices. In Music Unlimited the four sections work separately to master their parts of the music, and sometimes the boys and girls will separate to practice the dances because the guys and girls have different dances. Music Unlimited does concerts and competitions; recently, we performed our winter concert and performed a concert at Oliver Ames High School. In the future, we are competing at Lowell against other schools from Massachusetts, and we will go to Nashville, Tennessee, to compete against show choirs from across the whole country. The main source of funds for the group comes from fundraising each year for the next year – all profits come from the Christmas Tree Sale and a calendar raffle. There are many hurdles to funding, we need many parent volunteers to sign up and help, keeping students motivated to sell can be tricky, and coming up with different ideas to fundraise is difficult, too. There is a fund that comes from the Fine Arts Director, and costumes and dresses for our concerts and competitions are very expensive. “And the group would love if the school played a bigger part in securing funds for the school,” according to Mrs. Boudreau. The budget for Music Unlimited is 10,000-15,000 dollars each year. These funds pay for costumes, buses to competitions, fees from the competitions, scholarships for trips, scholarships for seniors, music sheets. All in all, Music Unlimited is an amazing group that perseveres in the face of struggles and I highly recommend other students to take it.