The ‘Hi-Res Red’ Adidas Yeezy Boost 700s Look Kinda Weird and I Don’t Like Them


Justin Carrington

Recently the release date of the ‘Hi-Res Red’ Adidas Yeezy Boost 700s has been announced and like most Kanye concepts, it’s a bit strange. Kanye’s previous decisions shouldn’t affect opinion on these sneakers though, as these stand alone as an odd looking sneaker, and in my opinion, not a very good one.

A lot of Yeezys are out there when it comes to appearance. They aren’t exactly something you’d see the average dad picking up solely for utility, they are oftentimes statements and can be the focal point of an outfit. These are not much different, with the bright red hue and mixed color midsole. They are unique, and, to some, beautiful, but my eyes get sore looking at it. While these certainly aren’t the biggest abomination to sneakers, they still have a certain outlandishness to them that I can’t get over.

Perhaps I haven’t thoroughly explained my gripes with this shoe. In my opinion, the problem starts with the model itself. It really does look like one of Adidas’s regular shoes got stuck inside of a midsole Kanye was working on. Because of this, the shoes’ more conventional ideas clash with the unique parts of the shoe and creates a sneaker that’s less cohesive than it should be. The colorway itself isn’t necessarily the problem, it’s the model. The mixture of reds are nice, though nothing spectacular, but the toe featuring gray and black adds more noise where there doesn’t have to be.

This sneaker isn’t horrible, if i saw somebody wearing them i probably wouldn’t look at them for more than a second. The shoe is a weird but vibrant addition to the Yeezy catalog that has too much happening all at once. 2.9/5